I Found It

I found my love of teaching again tonight.

I thought I had lost it, somewhere between this and that, him and her, time and dollar bills.

I thought maybe it was time to hang up my shoes as a “dance instructor”, that I was more of a facilitator and more interested in coaching and personal process than “just” teaching dance technique to people who want to learn how to dance.

Tonight, I found that love again, that love for teaching technique, that love for teaching the details, for inviting students into a deeper understanding of themselves and their bodies through the art of El Baile.

I chose to ask someone to co-teach with me, and not just someone, a masterful teacher, a skillful dancer and a fun guy.  I felt the opening as we practiced together this afternoon and even though class started today, I followed the instinct, the voice inside me, which I am quickly beginning to recognize as truth, as the Angels and Guides giving me the right next step, and the words came out of my mouth, “You know, would you like to teach with me tonight?”

It just felt right.  It still feels right, even though we are finding our ways around each other and with each other.  It was as if his mastery was allowing me to tap into my mastery.  Like his attention to detail was bringing me into my own attention to detail, the kind of detail that I have lost sight of after teaching alone for quite some time now.

I felt the space, I felt the love, his love, for what he does and it reignited MY love!


What is partnership to you?

What is love of what you do?  How does it feel when you love something you are doing?

Signing off for now, Sarah

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  1. mauicasinera

    beautiful!!! I love this reflection. (and I love YOU!)

    • Sarah Haykel

      🙂 Awe, it is SO GOOD to see you here reflecting too Denise! LOVE, Sarah

  2. Andrea

    What a beautiful, inspiring experience!!! So glad that you were able to re-connect through this unique and awesome soul-connection…co-creating is often what re-ignites our own passion and mastery…as you said too Denise, it’s all about reflection!!

    • Sarah Haykel

      Yes, and you put it SO WELL! I felt a real sense of opening when I read this! Thank you for sharing in our journeys together!

      Something about this line stands out for me:
      “and surrender to lovely co-creation ”

      Yes, I am in partnership with myself, others and life! I am a part of! I belong : )

      • atodieforandlivefor

        Haha! My comments got posted twice…I thought that the one was deleted when I registered with this site…but the universe must have wanted them posted twice for extra happy impact! Thanks Sarah! You ARE in partnership with yourself, others and life….That was so evident on Monday and I’m sooooo glad you found such bliss that evening and for many to come!! xxoo

        • Sarah Haykel

          Thank you Andrea! I feel such an openness when I read your posts! Thank you for your love. Yes, love, Sarah

  3. atodieforandlivefor

    That is such wonderful news, Sarah! It’s a joy when you can re-connect with your passion through someone else…as you team your talents and surrender to lovely co-creation for an even more heightened sense of inspiration, love, acceptance, and creativity. Sometimes that’s all it takes…a second passionate and committed person to move us forward to create anew…setting our love for a certain art form once more ablaze!

  4. jonathanhilton

    I think that when you love what you are doing it is all encompassing. Time doesn’t matter, it just is, and what you are doing is happening as if it is a part of you. Total immersion and entanglement in the task at hand.

    • Sarah Haykel

      Yes, there is something here about “right fit”. It just FEELS right! I wonder how I can sense this in my other classes where I feel “out” of the flow. Thank you for posting Jonathan!

    • Sarah Haykel

      Where do you feel “in it” Jonathan?

      • jonathanhilton

        A lot of times in different situations. I used to teach high school and coach, and I would often feel it when I was coaching, in planning, scouting, instructing and game management, I was in that moment and immersed in it. I have also felt it in creating, I have worked in the media and found similar feelings planning, writing and producing content. Now I feel it almost every time I write on my blog, when I get into the flow, it comes easy. Some days it can be more of a task, but most often words come out like the air out of a tire. Those are the times I have felt “in it”. I am glad you are feeling that creative power. I think it is when our subconscious is allowed to work without our thoughts interfering. What do you think?

        • Sarah Haykel

          I like to hear that you feel like the “words come out like the air out of a tire”. It feels easy and in the flow. I guess I think of it as being a “Clear Source Channel” I call it, or “Pure Source Channel”. Things come through me that are in service to all, even if they seem difficult to say or on the edge of offending someone or being really blunt in honesty. How does that land?



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