I have made myself wrong for wanting to practice dance, for wanting to become a better dancer, for wanting to excel technically in dancing.

Is this wrong?

I don’t know.

What’s tripped me up is my own and others opinions.

I KNOW that dancing is NOT a means to an end, it is an experience, a process, a pathway that brings up all my stuff for healing and also brings OUT all my greatness in being.

I LOVE to express myself through dancing, but I have made myself wrong for wanting to dance for my life and share this dance.  Is it enough?  Can I do this?  What does it MEAN to be a professional dancer?  Who am I in the dance world?  What’s my focus, my goal?

Ultimately, my goal is to connect with myself more and therefore connect with others.  I want to be a vehicle of pure Source’s love and light, have FUN and enjoy myself, inspire others, share my gifts and talents, my self expression, live life to the fullest.  I feel FULLY ALIVE when I am dancing: in my groove, in the flow.

Dancing is a gift that I want to give.

I want to dance.


I want to study in Cuba for a whole year, for ONE YEAR and really study Afro-Cuban and Folklorico!  I want to really STUDY Rumba, Kizomba, Guaguanco, Afro-Brazilian, Zouk Lambada.

I want to really perfect my skills and express myself to the fullest through dance.

How do I get there?  Hmmm, maybe start researching more programs to support this endeavor.  Go to school, study the dance of the African Diaspora?

What’s really underneath this for me?

True love: the ability to JUST BE and to embrace BEING and DOING what I love.

What is so wrong about that?

I am here.  I am IN IT.  I am ready to go : )


What dream is inside YOUR HEART waiting to BURST out?

What special gift do you have that you are longing to give?

When will you begin?

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