Why Inspiring Affirmations?

When I was in middle school, I used to draw people’s names in creative ways, with all kinds of embellishments and designs around them, creating a sweet piece of art.  Giving these gifts to people filled me with joy.

In 2019, when I chose to come back to ceramic arts, I got inspired to create a collection of decorative ceramic wall hangings with inspirational affirmations on them. Carving into clay was a signature of my work back in undergrad, so I imagined I could have some fun adding beautiful design elements, like I used to do when writing out people’s names, to bring the affirmations to life.

These inspirational phrases serve as an important reminder of empowering mindset’s and beliefs, which can boost our self-esteem and mood throughout the day.  I mean, who doesn’t need a reminder of these things?

Last year for Christmas, I gave one to my mom that says “I make me happy.”  She loves it and says it’s an empowering reminder to take her own happiness into her hands, even at the age of 84!

Browse the gallery above and below this section to see all of the pieces available for purchase.  If a piece is out of stock and you wish to purchase it, we can discuss recreating a similar piece or custom designing a piece with a specific name (family name, business, location you love, etc.) or an inspirational or motivational word or phrase just for you or as a special gift for a loved one!  Please contact me by clicking here to discuss your custom order.  

I look forward to being in touch.  Sincerely, Sarah

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