Keep moving on

Knowing when the time is to move on, change positions, resolve a conflict, talk to someone, is a gift.

I know that there are two situations this past year where I knew it was time to move on and I didn’t.  I stayed until it was OBVIOUS that is wasn’t working and it was time to move on.  In the  meantime, I experienced more than was needed AND it was needed because I wasn’t ready to move on until I experienced those things, I guess.

Are you following me?

I know in both situations, I felt scared to move on because of money.  But, what if I don’t have this job?  What if this doesn’t work out???

Ah, these fears can get me real mixed up about following and trusting my inner guidance at times.  It is a process.  To BELIEVE in it, the source of life.  To truly believe in life’s greater goodness for all!  IT is a growth process.  It is like stepping out into thin air and having a step magically appear so I don’t fall 2000 ft. below off that cliff.

It is like that.

And then, when I take that next step, leap of faith, it feels SO GOOD!

What am I scared of?

What are you scared of dear reader?

What is your next step to living your most amazingly awesome gold mine of a life in service to all?

Much Love, Sarah

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  1. Jacqueline X

    I re-learned today that FEAR and GOD/LOVE cannot occupy the same BREATH! That being said… I must be conscience to only speak the truth, love, and light… fear no longer serves me! I am confident that love is the way! I will focus my attention on love, peace, light, and harmony…even when things try to get in the way of it. I must push forward and press on with patience, diligence, consistency, and persistency…. I must stand still and reflect when I have some remote feeling fear. Since I re-learned this principle today I will focus and practice it and see where it leads me…

    • Sarah

      Awesome Jacqueline. I pretty much just realized the same thing! I am ready for a new experience in certain parts of my life and thank goodness it is my CHOICE to believe what I want and co-create what I want! : ) THank you for bringing this forward Jackie! Much Love and I look forward to hearing how it’s going: “speak the truth, love and light…love is the way”. You go girl!


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