Know Your Worth New Song Release by Song Channel, Sarah Haykel

Do you “know your worth?”


In 2010-2011 I took an online empowerment course called Feminine Power where they talked about our value and our worth.

They’d say, “your value and worth are inherent in your being.”

I’d never heard such a thing before.

What this meant to me was that I didn’t have to earn, prove or get/aquire my value and worth. It is who I am, just because I exist here in Life.

That was a pretty powerful introduction to a totally new way of thinking and believing about myself, Life and others.

It was life changing.

As they said in Feminine Power, “you will be unrecognizable after this course.” And, I am in all the best ways!

Years later in 2019, a song that I call “Know Your Worth” came through me.

I remember, as I sat in the office on that later afternoon, sun creating an orange-ish glow around the room, I felt so inspired to get this song out there to the world.

The melody was so inspirational and beautiful. The words, so spot on! Where did this come from? Oh, yah, the beyond beyond that we’re all a part of! I call it God or Source, but you may call it other names too, or not.

With guitar on my lap, I found the right chords for the melody and sang the chorus loudly and with spirit. It felt so good to sing these words.

Years later, the song is finally released into the world, ready for your ears and Soul to hear and feel these words. Let them settle deep inside you, to that place that knows who you are!

Doug Yeomans is featured on guitar in this track, adding some beautiful swells underneath his picking and strumming tracks, that add such magic and beauty to this piece. Just wonderful, including his bluesy, heartfelt solo early on after the first chorus.

And, Fred Betschen is the co-producer and engineered this track along with “It’s Who You Are” and “Christmas Time.” He’s amazingly fast and spot on in his work. Thank you Doug and Fred!

And, to Andy Cushing, a guitar teacher and friend. Thank you for being a part of the first iteration of this song. I appreciate your work, your ear and who you are!

Take a listen here.


With Aloha Nui Loa,


Sarah E. Haykel, Song Channel


p.s. Click here to listen to the new song, “Know Your Worth,” along with the other newer and older releases.

p.p.s. Need more resources? Head over to the coaching page for ways you can continue your healing journey.

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