I experienced lots of love today.  Giving love, receiving love, experiencing love.  I held space for myself several times.  (To hold space means to support myself through something that feels or occurs to me to be difficult in the moment.)  I do this through several different tools, some which stay the same and some which change and transform quickly into a new tool, something else.  It was a powerful day for love, connection, healing and growth.

I had a dream last night that a huge wave came right over Laura and I and some other women we were sitting with at the waters edge.  It didn’t do us any harm though, we just were washed over with it and then it was gone.  It deposited several large tires, like from large trucks and tractors plus huge, empty canisters from wars, like maybe old bombs or old containers for toxic waste.

The next time a wave came, my friend and I ran down this steep hill of white sand to this hotel or center thinking we would be safer there.  We waited for the water and when it came, it was in a solid shape that was molding to the road perfectly.  We watched it come around the bend: a solid molding of dark blue water with something in it, like debris.  The land was irrigated in a way that the water didn’t come down the hill.  We were fine, safe.

I woke up.


I can be soft in love.


I am soft in love.

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