I picked up the Medicine Cards book on the kitchen table with the deck of cards on top of it to put back into the book shelf.  As I went to put the book inside the shelf, the cards slid off.  The deck separated and I put the few cards that separated from the top of the deck onto the bottom.  I got curious and decided to look at the bottom card that had become exposed from the deck separating.

It was the Dragonfly.

Hmmm, I wonder what this means?  (Asking myself), “Do I want to look at this now?”  The energy said, “No.”  I am sick with a doozy of a cold, so up to get ready for bed I went.

After I had gotten ready, I was surprised when I felt like going downstairs.  “But, I’m tired.  Do I really want to go downstairs now?” I thought.  Yes, my body wanted to go downstairs.  I thought about the medicine cards and thought I would read about the Dragonfly, and read I did.

To my delight, the Dragonfly is all about illusion and seeing through illusion to what else is there.  Like the Dragonfly’s wings shine with iridescent colors, so is life, something that we see and don’t see, changing constantly.  The last line of the passage was something like (paraphrasing), “Nothing is ever quite as it seems.”

It also encouraged the reader to see how the art of illusion can answer questions for them about their lives, etc.

It spoke of magic and how things are magical in our realm.  We just need to see beyond what we perceive as “real” to what the possibilities are.

Thank God for the reemergence of magic in my realm.  I thought, at certain times throughout this year, that nothing was magical.  That I had lost all connection to magic.  And there is it, appearing again and again.  It’s like one of my good friends says to me from time to time, “It is a complete miracle that any of us are here.  The things that our bodies have to do to stay aligned and balanced just so we can just live are beyond my comprehension.”

Magic: there it is.

What do you think about magic?

How does magic show up in your life?

Ahhh, to the magical realm inside each of us and outside us as well,


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  1. sjkennedy72

    It is truly a magikal realm we live in and easy to forget about as we take the “mundane” for granted, such as the fantastic ability of our bodies to rejuvenate, or the way a large body of water sloshes against the shore, or how blades of grass persist to stand stall in spite of exposure to a weekly blade.


    • Sarah Haykel

      Yes Sean, “It is all magic,” a friend posted on fb in response to the post! Happy to realize and remember this! I love this, “or the way a large body of water sloshes against the shore.” The word “sloshes” really gets me. That is what the Dragonfly symbolizes, magic in the elemental realm and you named two things: a body of water and blades of grass, that are a part of this realm. The reading spoke to Spirit in animals and elements and therefore in everything!

      • sjkennedy72

        Watched some Tolle TV with a group of friends the other night and Eckhart talked about how at one time humans were completely at one with their environment, in nature, and as we awakened to become aware of our self the ego formed and we began to feel separated from nature, and now we’re on a path returning to oneness with nature, only this time consciously. Really enjoy your writing!

  2. Sarah Haykel

    Thank you Sean. I enjoy writing as well! Who knew? And I also receive such goodness from Eckhart Tolle. Wow, he was one of the first many years ago who helped me really root into a much deeper and wider center in myself and see possibilities in my life and the world that I hadn’t seen before! Thanks for bringing this forward. The idea of separateness, illusion, is so prevalent. Stay tuned for the next post! I already feel it coming!
    Much Love, Sarah


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