Mom’s Wise Words

Moms wise words


Recently, while having dinner with my mom and siblings, mom leaned over towards me.  


“I had an insight that I’d like to share with you,” she said.  “This morning, I realized that I’m not that person anymore, who I was in the past.  I am who I am today!”  


I instantly broke out my phone and said, “Mom, can I quote you on that?” as I typed the quote into my quotes spreadsheet!  As soon as I heard her say those words, I knew I had to share it with you!  


I marvel at my mom’s wisdom and ability and desire to continue learning and growing.  She always shares these bits of insight with me, too, which feels so special to me and in our relationship.  


So, I share this with you as a source of inspiration:


“It’s not who you were, it’s who you are, today! ” – E. B. Haykel


Empowering Questions:


How will you update your thoughts and beliefs about yourself to reflect who you are and what your life is like today, instead of always seeing or thinking about yourself or your life as it was long ago?


How will updating your thoughts and beliefs change the way you feel about yourself, life and others?


How will it change the way you interact with yourself, life and others? 


How will it change your attitude towards yourself, life and others?


This is a juicy one.  Thanks mom!  


Enjoy exploring!


Sincerely and with Aloha Nui Loa,

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