Mooji says just “Drop it!”

When I first heard Mooji say this, it didn’t totally make sense.


Really, just “drop it?” Let it go. And…don’t pick it up again???!!!!

How could I when I feel I’ve been wronged? When I feel angry, sad, bad about something someone else or I did? It’s not that easy, is it?

Or, is it?

In January of 2019, Mooji was holding a month long “satsang,” or spiritual gathering, in India. It was being broadcast around the globe.

Countless seekers would come up to the microphone and tell him their woes, very real, human suffering on stage for the world to hear.

Mooji would always seem to come back to these two phrases:

“Drop it. Don’t pick it up.” He’d say, “When you walk in here, leave it, whatever you’re carrying, at the door. You can always pick it up on your way out.”

What’s it like to literally drop it? Drop whatever you’re complaining about, whatever you’ve been carrying around with you for years about yourself, others, life?

What happens when you walk in the door from work and leave all your work stuff at the door?

What happens when you leave your house and leave all your home stuff at the door before going out into the world?

When we do this more often, me included!, how will this simple act of dropping it change the world?

With Love,


Caveat: Now, I don’t mean that you don’t confront, stand up to or deal with injustice, abuse, inappropriate behavior, etc. These things need to be dealt with. And, what if we did drop it just for a moment? What clarity, wisdom or inspiration would that momentary space bring us to act more congruently with the change we would like to see and be a part of in the world?

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