Owning Pink Blog #2: Where Defensive Driving meets The School of Life

Hello All~

Here is another Owning Pink Blog, fresh off the presses.  Click here to go to the blog post!

I want to know, what are three things you can do to be a better Defensive Driver?  And, how will these three actions impact the rest of your life and that of others?

Post your comments below the blog. I want to know!

Love, Sarah

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  1. sjkennedy72

    If by “defensive driver” you mean a safer driver, then I would say first and foremost taking responsibility for thoughts and feelings, rather than reacting out of a powerless moment, understanding that when we simply experience a loss of control and how we respond determines in large part the nature of our driving habits, ie speeding, tailgating, giving someone half the peace sign, ect. Naturally, easier said than done.

    • Sarah Haykel

      “half the peace sign”. Love it. And YES, easier said than done! I like the practice though! Moment to moment 🙂 Thanks for sharing Sean! Love, Sarah


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