Speaking from Your heart

Speaking from your heart takes time.  Like, to sit there and give space to, get real with, contemplate, be with.  It takes time.  Sift through, weed out.

What’s it like to have a real heart to heart with someone?  Speak from your truth, get to the bottom of things?

And how often do you do that?

And, how good does it feel?

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  1. Jacqueline X

    It does take time, and effort, but it also takes TRUST! I believe I don’t do it often enough with my loved ones because of lack of trust…. The times when I am real with them I never feel I been heard from the heart, most people just are preoccupation with what they are getting ready to say… In our slalom women’s circle… Which I TOTALLY LOVE… is when I feel completely heard from the heart! In those moments I reel expansive and co-creative!

  2. Sarah Haykel

    : ) Girl, I am SO inspired by you! I am. Thank you for SHOWING UP and Being here now! I also wonder, how can you co-create something different with those you love?


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