Sustainable Living Resource 1: Bar Soap Anyone?

Sustainable Living Resource 1: Bar Soap Anyone?


Do you like bars?  I don’t mean the kind you go and drink at.  I mean, bars of soap!  Remember those?!


What happened to bar soap?  I mean, these days it seems like the rage is buying soap in plastic bottles that may, or may not, get recycled after you painstakingly wash them out after use.  


When did we start buying soap in plastic bottles?  What makes this such a habit?  Is it even necessary?  


They may say washing hands with soap in a bottle is more hygienic than using bars of soap.  And if you live with a bunch of people, all washing your hands, or you’re out at a public restroom, that may be so.  


But, if you live with yourself or you and one other person, what about considering using bar soap to wash your hands at home, instead of buying a plastic bottle full of soap, that may inevitably end up in a landfill or waterway?


A few years ago, I switched to mostly using bar soap for:


  • Hands at the sink
  • Body in the shower
  • Dishes, yes, you can use bar soap for washing your dishes too (think Dr. Bronners)
  • As shampoo and conditioner for hair washing (goodbye huge, plastic bottles!!!!)
  • You can even wash your clothes with it, if you so dare (not me!  I use other things for that!)


Now, on affordability: Is using bar soap, as opposed to soap in plastic bottles, more affordable.  I don’t always think so.  But, the thought of less waste going into the world fills me with a joy that is palpable and makes using earth friendly bar soap ( the kind that biodegrades), whenever possible, a win for me and the earth!  


Where could you see switching to using bar soap in your home, instead of buying soap in plastic, single use containers?  


I’ve found bar soap for shampoo at Whole Foods and bar shampoo, conditioner and dish soap online.  They even sell some of these products locally at some health food stores, etc. 


And, of course, they still sell bar soap for your body in all stores everywhere, mostly!  So, that’s easy to find!


Empowering Questions:


What’s important about going “less waste” to you?


How can you and your family alone make a difference by the products you buy and use?


I’m wishing you all well on this earth sustainable journey!  It’s fun and it’s fulfilling to learn how to be in more harmony with the earth and our natural world!


With Sincerity for your time and interest.


Aloha Nui Loa,

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