Sustainable Living Resource 3: Buying Second Hand Clothing

Have you ever bought clothing second hand?


I know this might have a stigma attached to it: second hand shopping.  However, I’ve been thrifting, on and off, since high school.  I’ve found some great clothes at thrift and second hand stores, which can make shopping way more fun and interesting and possibly save you a few bucks in the process! 


A few years ago, I started almost completely buying second hand clothes or getting whole new wardrobes (literally) at clothing swaps with friends.


A clothing swap is where a bunch of people bring clothes they’d like to give away.  You can have the clothes laid out and people can walk around and choose whatever they’d like to try on or take home or each person can show the clothes they brought one at a time while the others choose which ones they’d like to try on.  


It’s really fun and a great way to pass on clothing that is still in great shape for others to wear and enjoy!  


You can also sell your previously worn or new clothes at second hand stores and make some  money.  That’s a great way to pass on old clothing for more use!  


The fashion industry can add a lot of pollution to the environment.  Read here about how fashion can pollute the environment.  


I know this may seem daunting, but there are things you and I can do about it!

Buying sustainably made clothing, from companies like Pact or buying second hand clothing can eliminate some of the issues due to fashion pollution.


From thrift stores to high end second hand shops, you’ve got your pick!  And, some of the best finds will be found where you least expect them, which can make shopping more fun too!  And, btw, you’ll most likely be wearing something no one else has, when you find it at a second hand or thrift store!  Think about that aspect of thrifting you fashion forward human!  


Empowering Questions:


What one step will you take to buy more sustainable clothing?  


When will you go check out a second hand store and see for yourself the amazing things you may find?


Thanks for reading and happy clothing shopping sustainably!




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