The Sensual Body Movement: Mindfulness In Movement

The Sensual Body Movement: Mindfulness In Movement


Dancing expressively and emotionally, while connected to beautiful music, has always been inspiring to me.  Drawn to this type of movement since high school, I felt insecure and uncomfortable sharing it out in the open.  


Over the years, I began to come out of my shell with this style of movement, sharing it more freely. The urge to be connected to and embodied in myself more fully, while I danced and moved through the world, began to take more precedence than being the wildest or most unique dancer.  Funny thing is, I used to make fun of the modern dances in college I’d see and their style of “interpretive dance,” only to eventually realize that’s what I actually love to do myself!


Back in around 2012, I felt inspired to offer a Ladie’s Latin Styling dance class session, as I knew I could help women learn how to style more authentically on the dance floor.  A class like this was very popular at the time.  However, after teaching a couple of sessions, I realized what I really wanted to do was help women learn how to move authentically and confidently in their body’s, regardless of the dance style or specific norms. 


The style of movement is simple: consciously breathing while moving in any way that feels good to you and your body.  What this combination can do is intimately connect you, as  the “mover,” to yourself consciously in a present and embodied way, no longer concerned with showing off or doing it right, just doing what feels good and authentically inspired to you in that moment. Thus, The Sensual Body Movement was born.  


As with any tool, The Sensual Body Movement can help us become more of who we are in each moment, on and off the dance floor.  Believe me, after all this time, I am still learning how to embody myself and move more authentically through the world.  I think I always will be discovering and learning how to be myself more authentically!   Why not practice through dance and other activities you love?


How will you use a conscious focus on your breath combined with movement while you are cooking, exercising, having sex, hiking, or doing any other activity you love, to bring you more into the moment, embodied and fully expressing yourself authentically?


With Love and Aloha Nui Loa,

p.s.  A simple way to practice this style of movement is to turn on your favorite music at home and follow your breath as you combine it with your body’s movements.  See how it feels to move around while connecting consciously with your breath.  You do this at your own risk, so make sure you’re in a safe place to dance and that you do movements that feel appropriate for your fitness level and body’s abilities!

p.p.s.  Need more resources?  Head over to the coaching page for ways you can continue your healing journey. 

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