In Landmark they call them “rackets”.

In Non-Violent Communication, they call them “jackal’s”.

It is when something, some energy or “part of ourselves”, is activated that is unconscious or from the shadow part of ourselves and we are not conscious of it’s activation in the moment, so we act “it” out as if we were it.
Does this make sense?

When I was younger, I picked up on all KINDS of things happening around me that weren’t being spoken about.  I felt people’s aggravation, discomfort, anger, fear, excitement.  I had no idea that it wasn’t about me.  I didn’t know how to interpret what I was feeling, so I made it be about me so that it made more sense to me.

As an adult, and through the work I have done with a great life coach, Julie Cramer, of The Balance Point, to studying Coaching for Transformation with Leadership that Works and now in my own process, a lot of light continues to be shed on these “parts” of myself and others.

I am bolder in speaking up when I sense something present that is not being spoken about.  I ask what’s going on or I even bring light to situations I witness between others and do not understand.

This allows me to be more real with myself and others, possibly shedding light on a previously unconscious or in the shadows behavior or situation.

I also notice there is something so refreshing about bringing things to light, exposing what was once dark to the light of day so it can be seen, heard, felt and experienced for greater healing, growth, clarity, understanding and evolution.

I had a conversation with a friend about something like this today and I noticed, when they got down to the real reason for their actions in the situation, I felt a weight had lifted right off of me.  I felt their transparency, their honesty.  It felt enlivening to hear them just be real, just be honest.  Nothing to hide, nothing to stray away from, nothing to cover up, just bold, bright and real honesty.

Thank you for that!

Where can you be more transparent in your life right now?

How can this transparency serve you and others in the moment?

Love and Light,


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  1. sjkennedy72

    Yes transparency, honesty and responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and choices! This is the path of the spiritual warrior and the only way to honor the God and Goddess that we truly are. Too many of our species are hiding behind masks ensconced in shame and guilt for what we’ve been unable or unwilling to embrace as conscious beings. As more of us open our hearts, be vulnerable and authentic, we will reach a critical mass and the walls we’ve built shall crumble…shine on!



  2. jonathanhilton

    Thank you for sharing this. Keep sharing your insights they are very valuable.

    • Sarah Haykel

      Thank you Jonathan! I am inspired by your comment. I will!


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