Travel to Cuba!

El Hotel Nacional, La Havana, Cuba 2011

El Hotel Nacional de Cuba, La Havana, Cuba 2011

Salsa for the Soul and Metamovements from Boston along with Cross Cultural Journeys in California collaborate to bring you a trip to Cuba that is UNIQUELY what YOU want!  Please fill in this three question survey so we can best serve you on this deliciously amazing experience of traveling to Cuba.

The next scheduled trip to Cuba s April 9th-17th 2014.  We will be traveling during a time when there is a big dance festival in La Havana and performances all over the city during the festival including everything from Afro-Cuban to Modern and Contemporary dance!


Ready to go on either of these trips? 

Respond to this email PRONTO and I will add you to the Cuba email list for all pertinent information!  You’ll also receive information on how to join an informational call with staff from Metamovements about the upcoming trips!

I’m SO excited to share my love of Cuba, the culture and dance, with you!

Traveling to Cuba has been a life changing experience for me.  I went to study dance and meet up with old friends and I came home a brand new person.  My experiences traveling around the world have changed and transformed my life in so many ways!  I want to share these experiences with you.

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    • sarahhaykel

      Thanks Jim!

  1. Primoz

    We went to Cuba this summer, with kids. It was awesome! A lot of music, dance and Cuban food. The people are really nice and it is not hard to learn new moves even for the kids. Cuba has the unique Latin flavor that makes you feel like home.

    • Sarah Haykel

      This is great news to hear! Thanks so much for sharing!


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