Trusting The Flow of Life

Trusting the Flow of Life

For over nearly thirteen years, I focused on growing a business and being financially free. And, although creating a business and a living is essentially a creative endeavor, it’s not the same to me as being an artist that’s creating visual, movement, music-based or food-based art.

As I focused on growing my business, and desperately trying to get out of debt, I put aside creating choreography and engaging in visual and music arts for many years, which eventually became detrimental.

As an artist, art and being creative is how I live. I finally realized I had to choose art and make it a priority, just as much as making money and supporting myself was, just as much as helping others had become.

Listen to the story of how I chose art again in my life and how you can too!


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With Love and Aloha Nui Loa,

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