Websites for Creative Entrepreneurs: 10 Helpful Steps



I just got off of a fun webinar with my friend and web designer extraordinaire, Zachary Straub of Straub Creative Company.

We came up with 10 helpful steps when building your online presence as an entrepreneur.  Zachary laid out these steps while we chatted.

You can listen to the chat here:

We’ve listed some great steps to get you started!  They’re below:

A Few Best Practices to Follow Regarding Website Projects

1) Get organized! Use apps like Google Docs or Asana to stay up to date and organized with your team. Set due dates too and take them seriously.


2) Make sure from Day 1 that your website is built for mobile / responsive – your users care and so does Google!


3) Involve your community / network in the decision making process


4) When building a website, make sure roles are defined for team members. Someone needs to be the visionary, and someone needs to be the boots on the ground. Be careful of bringing on too many decision-makers because it will hinder progress. Have no more than 3 people at the very top of a project making decisions.


5) Blog blog blog. Write about your brand, but talk directly to users, but be sure to give them value (don’t just talk about yourself or your business or how awesome you are).


6) TELL STORIES, don’t just list facts


7) Videos are the most powerful way to connect with your audience…next is pictures. Use rich media when you can.


8) Use tools that are available to you. If it will give you leads or allow you to connect to new people, try it.


9) Keep lists! Tools like GetResponse or MailChimp are great options for keeping lists and engaging viewers.


10) Design is a service, not a product. If you have a site and it’s just sitting there, you’re doing it wrong. Update it regularly, blog regularly, find ways to drive traffic to your site.


Feel free to post questions here on the event page.


This is so great Zachary.  It was a joy to collaborate with such an awesome website genius.


Stay tuned for a link to listen to the whole conversation!


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Happy Creating and Entrepreneuring to you!



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