What do Faith, Ram Das, Be Here Now and God Friended Me All Have In Common?

Do you remember the book Be Here Now?


It’s by Ram Das, a spiritual teacher who had an awakening in the 70’s and has been teaching on various topics regarding mindfulness, being present in the moment and loving for decades. His body recently passed away and his teachings live on! His book was my first introduction to “being here now” on the journey of life!

I’d never heard of this idea: being in the present moment. What a concept! (If you want to learn more about mindfulness and being present in the moment, click here to take your mindfulness quiz!)

I pulled the book out of storage in the spring of 2020. At home, I opened it right up to the page about faith.

Literally, over the two weeks prior to bringing this book home, I found myself saying, in my head, that I was “losing faith” that I may ever find a right partner. And, now, this message about faith.

To add to this theme on faith, I watched the God Friended Me season finale right around the same time and guess what? It was all about rediscovering and having faith!

Is there a theme here? I think so!

I grew up in a very religious family, which did not always resonate with me. However, one thing my parents modeled for me was having faith, through thick and thin, that things would work out by “the grace of God.” And, they always did and still do work out!

I’m so grateful for their modeling of this belief, this faith, this trust to me in something larger than us mere mortals.

I have faith now too!

How’s your faith holding up these days?

What does “having faith” mean to you?

Share in the comments section below! I want to hear from you!


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