What One Tool Creates Great Dancers?

How’s it going on the dance floor?

I know, there are some misconceptions about what makes a great dancer.  Some people think it’s flashy moves done well or not.  Some think it’s fantastic styling, so they take all the styling lessons they can (like I did way back when!).  Some think it’s technique, and although this is very important, it doesn’t mean much when this one skill is missing.

One thing that makes an average dancer great is this skill.  It happens in many different ways: with ourselves, when we’re with others, when we’re out in nature, when we’re watching TV or a movie.  What are we doing in all of these scenarios?  Have you guessed it?

If not, no worries.  It’s listening.  That’s one of the skills that creates a great dancer.  You know why?  Because it takes a great leader and a great follower to both listen.  And, a hint, not just to each other or the music.  Who else would we have to listen to to complete that circle?  You get to guess!

Our new six week session is starting Monday October 29th.  Join us and learn how to take your dancing to the next level with this simple skill of listening, plus more techniques shown and taught in class.

We meet on Mondays from 6:30-7:30pm in a comfortable, fun, and welcoming environment.  Well, I should say, a no BS environment too, because we teach you the real deal technique in Latin partner dancing!

Want to get better at leading or following on the dance floor.  This is our specialty!

Want to increase your connection to your own self, body, the music and your partner.  We’ve got you covered!

This upcoming 6 week session will be a mixed Level 1 Level 2 class, so those just learning and those with some basic experience, and wanting to learn more, are welcome to sign up.

This class is perfect for couples and those wanting to improve their dance skills, or just learn how to dance at all!

Sign up here.

You’ll learn the basics of three of the hottest Latin Caribbean partner dances (besides the Cha Cha Cha!) and walk away with real life and partnership skills and tools you can carry on with you throughout the rest of your life!

Come and join us!

Details are right here.  And, if you have more questions or would prefer to schedule a private lesson.  Please contact me by going to the contact page.


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